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Clödie is a rock formation headed by Klaudia "Clödie" Trzepizur, endowed with a predatory and unusual voice, vocalist and frontwoman, and band leader, composer, music producer Olaf Olszewski. The singer of the band participated in the 4th edition of The Voice of Poland, and sang the song "It's a Heartache" - Bonnie Tyler during her first appearance in the program. She performed the song with a real old-school singing and since then she has been referred to as the Polish Bonnie Tyler.

Klaudia on stage is a volcano of energy. Her characteristic timbre of voice, charisma and positive energy during live performances captivate the audience. Clödie is a distinctive and unique pop rock sound. Freshness and great spontaneity make the band find a common language with the audience right after entering the stage. The beginning of the band's popularity is the single "GO!" – an enthusiastically received by fans proposal submitted to the National Eliminations of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018. Currently, the song has over 1.9 million plays on YT.

The Clödie band also created an innovative arrangement of Małgorzata Ostrowska's Meluzyna cover with over 4.1 million views on YT and the cover of Maria by Blondie with over 2.1 million views. The band became famous after recording the acoustic version of the song Zombie - The Cranberries, which was published in July 2018, and today has over 33 million views on YouTube and thousands of flattering comments from all over the world. In July 2019, the band Clödie was honored by YouTube with a silver button for 100,000. Subscribing to the YT channel on the Polish music market is a really big achievement.

The Clödie band played hundreds of concerts in Poland and abroad. The group has performed in the USA, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Austria and Estonia, performing at recognized festivals, large outdoor concerts, company events, warming up the audience to red.

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