About Us

A brief history about Goralmania...

Heritage, Music, Food, Beer & Good Company. Goralmania Polish American Food & Music Festival is a first of its kind on the Southside of Chicago. It is a celebration of the Polish Highlander culture.

A little bit about the Polish Highlander history…

Polish Highlanders are an ethnic group primarily found in the South of Poland. Our culture and folklore is very unique. Highlander dialect is one of the most characteristic elements of the local culture. Thanks to this colloquial language, you can instantly identify if you’re speaking with real Highlander.

Polish Highlander music is performed in a very spontaneous way, much like jazz. It is often a result of everyday life and it relates to Highlanders and their free spirit. Highlander music contains love motives or funny refrains that only Highlanders are familiar with but all audiences will understand and enjoy.

Highlanders’ music was passed from generation to generation, without musical notation, therefore only true Highlanders understand the stories told behind the music. No one in Poland can mimic the dialect and history of the Highlander people; only the people from this region can perform and deliver the history and culture as it was.