Kapela Góralska Ciupaga


Kapela Ciupaga is a group of friends who share a love for highlander music. The band's repertoire was initially based on folk melodies from the vicinity of Łącko and Sądecczyzna, which was gradually enriched with very lively folk songs inspired by Balkan, Hungarian, Slovak and Romanian climates. Currently, the band also has original songs on its account. The great advantage of all members of the band is the lively and joyful transmission of music, which is passed on to the listeners.

The atmosphere of the music is supported by a rich instrumentarium, where, apart from the violin, accordion and double bass, there are dulcimer and Hungarian viola, cajon and the so-called. distractions. The band has performed on local, national and international stages many times. He performed on the Slovak, Czech, Dutch, English, Austrian, Georgian and Armenian stages. He has three albums to his credit. In total, he played about 300 concerts, the farthest being in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. The number of band members grew along with the enrichment of the instrumentation. The band exists since 2005.

In June 2016 The creators of the "Mam Talent" program invited the band to take part in the casting, which turned out to be a real hit. The team went through the first stage like a storm, in the semi-final (which took place live) it turned out to be unrivaled, winning with a huge advantage. In the grand finale, they also achieved great success, taking third place, gaining the sympathy of the whole of Poland. Currently, the band is starting shooting for the music video, which will promote their new and long-awaited album.

The author's song entitled "Girl" in which there are new sounds and surprising arrangements combine elements of highlander music with entertainment. The lyrics of the song tell the story of a girl running away from love. Shooting for the music video will take five days, will be shot in picturesque places in the south of Poland in Nowy Sącz, and the title role of the girl will be played by a well-known actress.

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