HOLEVIATERS - a Polish band characterized by an unusual combination of broadly understood folk music with the sound of swing standards and jazz ballads. The band's repertoire is based on the music of the Arc of the Carpathians arranged in the style of swing and jazz flourishing in the 1930s and 1940s.

Openness to the search for inspiration leads the group to a surprising association of songs from different genres. Searching for similarities in harmony and melodic lines, they cleverly combine traditional folk music with well-known American jazz compositions. The incredible workshop of instrumental playing combined with charismatic, lively folklore gives a sense of constant dance euphoria.

Through the music and image promoted to the golden age of these genres, the group takes all enthusiasts of distant expeditions on a journey to the past. The performed genres are Swing & Folk, Retro Folk, Patriotic Songs, Christmas Carols and Pastorales. The founders of the HOLEVIATERS group are Anna Malacina-Karpiel (lead vocalist) and Krzysztof Czech (violinist). The group was founded in 2013.

Members: Anna Malacina - Karpiel - vocals, Zbigniew Bałdys - guitar, Krzysztof Czech - violin, Bartłomiej Stuchlik - double bass, Janusz Korczyk - accordion, Lukasz Walczak - drums.

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