Izabela Szafranska


The singer’s music interests are multifold. Over the years, she has dynamically developed her artistic activity, winning more and more music awards in nationwide and international ranks. Her media success includes her participation in the finale of one of the most known Polish television programs “Must Be The Music” with the band EL SAFFRON, of which she is the leader and founder. Together with the band, Izabela Szafrańska actively performs in Poland and abroad: she was invited to take part in the biggest festivals, including the USA, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Moldova, the Czech Republic, Russia, Denmark and Belarus. In 2018 Izabela Szafrańska became a semi-finalist of the 9th edition of the music program The Voice of Poland. The singer is endowed with a unique voice, which combines maturity with a delicate nobility. She presents a stage personality that attracts and paralyzes the audience with the power of expression and passion.