At the festival in Jarocin in 1984, the musicians showed themselves as an extraordinary and very characteristic band - they combined a strong, punk sound with the lyrics of the poetry of socialist realism. It was, of course, a ploy to parody the works of communist poets, but it also turned out to be a great way for censorship, which could not cut out these texts. Such a repertoire ensured the band a place in the "golden eight" of the Jarocin '84 festival.

Their first album, titled "Breasts", was released in 1992. The biggest hit of this album turned out to be the song "ZCHN ZBLIŻA SIĘ", which was a satire on the situation of the clergy at that time. The song was recorded to the melody of the religious song "Lord Jesus is coming", for which the group was accused by the party of offending religious feelings and summoned to court. The album also included the songs "Marsz KPN", "I am ajron men", "Don't be afraid of Jonek" and "Reserve".

In 1993, the group released another album - "We Already Are Americans", on which Kukiz made fun of heavy metal ("Bitch Dark"), football fans ("Ułani"), businessmen of the new generation ("He is not a boor"), as well as the general Americanization of Polish rock ("We Already Are Americans"). In turn, the music video for the song "Man does not live by bread alone" won the main prize at the Yach Film Festival in 1994 in Sopot.

In 1994, an album was released which was a record of the concert "Breasts" in Jarocin. In the same year, the group organized a concert in Niemodlin to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Such stars of the Polish music scene as Kazik, Acid Drinkers, Closterkeller, T.Love, Big Cyc, Skawalker and Proletaryat performed there. Some of the mentioned guests also appeared on the album "60/70" which Piersi released at the end of 1994. The next album - "Return to Raju" from 1995 - was a satire on the political situation at that time, and more specifically on the post-communists' rise to power. This was expressed in a special way in such works as "Return Commune" or "Bolsheviks at the Mass, or Songs about a Miraculous Conversion". The next achievements of the band were the albums "Paradise on Earth" (1997), "Ojczyźniane Songs" (2000) and "Piracka CD" (2004).

In January 2013, Paweł Kukiz resigned from cooperation with the band Piersi. However, the musicians did not lay down their arms and decided to continue their artistic activity. The idea to record the album "BREASTS AND FRIENDS 2" was born. From February to May 2013, PIERSI composed forty-four songs, of which the best 17 - in their opinion - were placed on the new album. The musicians of the PIERSI band invited excellent guests, friends: Łukasz and Paweł Golec, Jacek "Dżej Dżej" Jędrzejak (BIG-CYC, CZARNO-CZARNI), Andrzej Nowak (TSA, ZŁE PSY), Tomek "Lipa" Lipnicki (ILLUSION, LIPALI), the band TREBUNIE-TUTKI, special guest - Rafał "Jezior" Jezierski (former musician and co-founder founder of the PIERSI group), and Adam "Asana" Asanov (HARATACZE), who, by decision of the musicians, became the new singer of the band.

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